IFTA Filing Services

At IFTA.Online, we’re here to help your trucking business with all things IFTA. We have an exceptional team that has decades of experience in the trucking industry. Therefore, they know everything that truckers need to succeed in this cutthroat world. We help truckers out with all sorts of quality IFTA filing services!

Getting Your IFTA Registration

Our bread and butter is helping truckers and business owners register their vehicles for the IFTA. We have an easy-to-use, quick online IFTA form that can get you set up in just minutes. As long as you have the requisite information available, you’ll be able to get an IFTA number in no time!

What information do I need, you ask? All we need is basic information about you and your truck. With your UDSOT number, we can pull most of your and your company’s information. We’ll still need the truck owner’s driver’s license number, though. Then, we’ll need your vehicle’s information, including its VIN, license plate number, weight, and mileage.

Quarterly IFTA Filing Services

Once you register for the IFTA, you’ll need to file a quarterly return. This process can be difficult, too, but luckily, our team has experience with it, too! We can help you keep the records you need and file accurate IFTA returns quickly every three months.

Of course, you need to keep detailed records of your activities while on the road. In order to accurately file your IFTA returns, you need to log the date of your trips, your routes, your mileage (subdivided into mileage within each jurisdiction), and any intermediate stops you made along the way. When combined with your fuel receipts (you need to keep these too), the IFTA will be able to recreate your drives well enough to separate your fuel tax revenue accurately.

If you need to file your quarterly return, just call our team today! We’d be happy to help you file your IFTA returns in no time at all.